“Musical-Art” is an educational program that teaches children (and adults) of all ages to find their muse using music and art. It is a rich, comprehensive, fun and educational experience easily adapted to each State’s Educational Curriculum /National Standard Guidelines.

Some of my programs include learning to build and play simple dulcimers with kits, building “Musical Art” gardens, creative storytelling, and song-writing. Some of the benefits of my program include; the development of motor skills, language-development, decision making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness, and improved academic performance.
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Some of the companies and organizations I have worked with include: Orff, Parent’s Magazine, Johnson & Johnson, PBS, Sony Kids Wonder, The American Library Association, Folkways/Smithsonian, The Grammy Awards, Baby Talk, National Geographic, The White House, Children’s Book of the Month Club, Random House, Nickelodeon, The Great Train Store, Applause Toys, The Learning Center, Montessori Schools, and Peter, Paul & Mary to name a few. I have won over eight ALA awards, recorded over 46 recordings, authored seven books, three of which were with Random House Children’s division, and my music and artwork were featured at The San Diego Museum of Art.

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