Awakenings by Kevin Roth
Dear Kevin,
Wow. Thank you so much for your well attended concert program “Awakenings”.
I have seen hundreds of workshops and concerts but none that have been so heartfelt centered as yours. The work you are doing truly touches a chord in people. Your sharing of your personal story, which is amazing in itself, and then letting others share their own story made this a memorable program.

I love the love the mixture of stories, moving quotes and of course your music. They created the perfect space for helping and affirming our selves and our journey through life.

Can’t wait to have you back next year.
Many blessings,”

– Rev. Andrew Conyer
And all of us at Unity of Sebring
Life Enrichment Centre

Please call 619-794-8599 for booking info, tour dates and availabilities or fill out my Booking Form HERE.

Here’s a Sample of Awakenings Songs:


Every Flower

Walt Grace’s Submarine Test

Fields of Gold

Out Is In