Artistic (Musical-Art) expression is naturally healing. My program facilitates creative problem solving, promotes insight, and offers a fresh perspective on everyday stress and the challenges of life in a fun, productive and creative way.

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My Passion & Mission

Many of the Modern artists such as Klee, Kandinsky, and De Buffet studied the artwork of very young children and the insane. Their purpose was to rediscover their own innocence of naïve, ‘primitive’, raw feelings and emotions.

My passion and mission with Musical-Art is to bring this discovery and inner-journey out in my adult students in a fun, creative and enlightening experience using a combination of music, art, and ideas.

My teaching method over the last thirty-two years involves understanding that musical- art is emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Personal Features & Benefits:

  • Creative Accomplishment
  • Stress Relief
  • A greater sense of awareness
  • Understand Flow
  • Relaxation & Tranquility
  • Out of the box visualization
  • A joyful sense of creating a life worth living.

Intuitive Abstract Painting

Learn to literally “let go” and be free of convention as you begin painting from within. Learn how to get past your fears and allow your inner self to create what comes naturally. Work intuitively to paint abstractly on canvas using art materials such as acrylic paint, charcoal, and various textured mediums. Explore the history of Art’s modern and naive painters, along with concepts behind non-representational painting (painting without recognizable imagery). This class is great for those who want to explore their own voice as a painter, take creative risks, think out of the box, and gain confidence in their own way of painting. Materials list provided upon registration.

This class is great for those looking to explore their own voice as a painter, taking risks, encouraging ‘out of the box thinking’, and gaining confidence in their own way of painting.

Mountain Dulcimer Kit & Painting

Receive a simple Mountain Dulcimer kit, paint your original decorative abstract artwork on its base, build this beautiful instrument and learn to play simple songs. The kit comes with a beginner’s instruction book on how to play the dulcimer. Learn about the unique history of Naive Art and about the American dulcimer as you play simple traditional folk songs. Experience the beauty created both visually and musically. Neither artistic or musical ability is needed for this fun, easy and creative class. Each course includes a one-hour concert performed by Kevin.

Musical – Playable Art Work

Paint original artwork on a wood painting panel on which a playable dulcimer fretboard is attached. Learn how to turn your poetry, thoughts, and vision into songs, and then play the painting that hangs on your wall! Learn about modern painters and Kevin’s unique style of creating musical-art with his emotional, mental, physical and spiritual method. Neither artistic or musical ability is needed for this fun, easy and creative class. Each course includes a one -hour concert performed by Kevin


Please contact me about the pricing of programs.
Costs vary depending on the length of the workshop/residency, concerts, and time factors.
I do my best to make this affordable for everyone.


Some woods carry sounds within- with grains of quality
They’re turned into instruments, that become singing trees
When the wood begins to sing, the sibling trees can hear
And their branches swell with blossoms, rejoicing far and near

- From “The Singing Tree” by Kevin Roth

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