We bring out the art in everyone’s heart ™

“Kevin Roth’s Musical- Art” teaches how to find your ‘inner’-artist and musician in a simple, fun, educational, and inspiring way. Kevin’s unique method of teaching brings out the ‘muse’ in the music, and the heart in the art.’

A sampling of programs includes; Learning to build, paint, and play simple dulcimers with kits. Creating playable artwork, Musical gardens, Creative storytelling, and Song-writing. These programs have been taught in elementary schools as well as college and adult education programs across the country.

Kevin offers a one to a five-day workshop, or extended residency program. Private students are accepted based on individual goals and time availability. Each session is individually crafted according to themes, curriculum, and creative design

Some of the educational benefits of his program include;
Development of motor skills
Decision making
Visual learning
Cultural awareness
Improved academic performance

Personal benefits for adult students include:

Creative accomplishment
A greater sense of awareness
Understanding flow
Relaxation and tranquility
Out of the box visualization
A joyful sense of creating a life worth living

Some of the companies and organizations Kevin has worked with include: Orff, Parent’s Magazine, Johnson & Johnson, PBS, Sony Kids Wonder, The American Library Association, Folkways/Smithsonian, The Grammy Awards, Baby Talk, National Geographic, The White House, Children’s Book of the Month Club, Random House, Nickelodeon, The Great Train Store, Applause Toys, The Learning Center, Montessori Schools, and Peter, Paul & Mary to name a few. He has won eight American Library Notable Awards, recorded over 46 recordings, authored seven books, three of which were with Random House Children’s division, and his music and artwork were featured at The San Diego Museum of Art during a concert presentation.

Kevin is a talented artist, musician, and an amazing teacher. He is an out of the box thinker, and his method of teaching is insightful and validating. He proved to me that musical art is emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. What fun!
Jyll Foy

These make great original gift ideas. I’ve been a fan of his music for years and was so honored to get to work with him this summer
Beth Duffy

CONCERT BOOKINGS, RESIDENCIES, FESTIVALS AND CORPORATE EVENTS, please send an email to [email protected]  or call 619-794-8599 for more info.

To Purchase Kevin Roth Music from iTunes CLICK HERE. Music is also available on Amazon and Spotify

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“Everything Children’s Music Should Be; funny, sweet, warm and just a little bit silly”  – Parent’s Magazine

“Was it through his second or third encore, he had the audience totally under his spellThe Grand Opera House.

“One of the world’s most innovative dulcimer players and singers in the world today”The Phila. Inquirer

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